Jemena Plans Acquisition Using Navigo Org Charts

by | Nov 30, 2014 | Customer Stories

The Customer

Jemena is a leading infrastructure service provider,  managing $8 billion of gas pipelines and electricity networks across eastern Australia.

As well as owning or part owning $6.5 billion worth of assets, Jemena has the experience and expertise to provide excellence in operational solutions. Jemena’s considerable capabilities in infrastructure management and development are a springboard for ambitious growth targets in many new markets such as water.

The Challenge

Within a space of two years, Jemena’s corporate structure had changed significantly with several acquisitions including parts of AGL and selling off businesses within the group. In order to prepare for these workforce changes, Jemena required a tool that would allow an accurate and current view of the workforce with the ability to create organisational models incorporating the acquired business information.

Giving access to accurate and current organisational information to all employees from the company intranet site was also identified as being critical. Jemena began charting with PowerPoint and paper based charts. Chart creation was time consuming and inaccurate. They quickly realised a need for an intelligent workforce planning tool.

The Solution

Jemena turned to Navigo to chart their organisation and model their re-structure. Navigo’s intelligent organisational charts gave them the ability to visualise and understand resources and structure. Within the charts, management could immediately identify open positions, missing layers of reporting and other structural problems.

For integrating acquired businesses, Navigo org charts enabled the team to model the planned structure combining information from SAP and Excel into a single chart. This allowed management to quickly visualise the structure of the combined businesses. As the acquisition continued with revised models, charts were published on the company intranet for feedback and review.

Deploying a web based company wide chart with real time information from SAP gave Jemena’s employees visibility and understanding of the new corporate structure.

The Results

Using org charts, Jemena was able to plan for the acquisition of new businesses into the corporate structure quickly and efficiently in a visual format. These plans could then be communicated to decision makers using web based charts, PowerPoints or PDF files. Presenting the new structure in a simple visual format was critical for a smooth trouble free integration of the new businesses.

Publishing real-time org charts on the intranet allowed employees to understand the new corporate structure, minimising disruption to the business and queries to HR.

In the future Jemena plan to use Navigo org charts as a platform for additional HR information and processes including employee skills and qualifications, managing the internal recruiting of positions, the development of manager specific reporting capability, and developing an employee change facility with write back into SAP.


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