Improving HR operations with effective data visualisation

by | Jul 4, 2024 | Org Charting, Organisation Design, Workforce Analytics

Data visualisation is crucial for effective workforce management. By turning complex HR data into actionable insights, these tools help with quick and informed decisions. They offer a complete view of the workforce, aiding in strategic planning and compliance.

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HR leaders who have elevated their workforce management strategy with Navigo

 Current HR data visualisation challenges

Data quality and integrity:HR data is often fragmented and spread out across different HRIS, payroll systems and spreadsheets.This disorganised data makes it difficult to get a clear view of employee metrics, complicating workforce management.

Ineffective budget planning and resource allocations:The budget planning process is critical to get right. What is needed is both a top-down view of headcount, costs and budgets as well as a bottom-up plan that needs to address the business priorities. This can be a significant administrative headache if handled through ad hoc channels such as email, spreadsheets etc.

Diversity and inclusion in the workforce: Building a balanced and inclusive workforce is challenging. HR teams need to address bias in hiring and create a culture that values diversity and ensure fair opportunities for everyone.

How Navigo is helping HR teams across different industries

Streamline HR workflows with improved data visibility via organisational charts

Foster diversity with strategic insights into workforce composition

Enhance efficiency with tools that simplify compliance and organisational restructuring

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve had a strong focus on supporting organisations who are undergoing digital transformation. We provide advanced org charts, workforce analytics and org design software, with an expert team who specialise in technical payroll and HRIS database systems.

We’ve worked with a long list of HR teams in Australia and New Zealand to enable seamless payroll data cleansing, employee and position management, workforce modelling, compliance and reporting.

Our workforce visualisation software allows organisations to strategically analyse their current and future workforce needs, to ensure that they have the right people in the right roles at the right time.

Visualisation examples that are proven to enable HR teams

Data cleansing report
This data cleansing report shows errors in your hierarchy for a fast and easy fix. It highlights missing fields and errors with the help of visualisation rules, enabling managers to correct bad data easily. You can easily identify all long term vacancies to ensure that you only have current positions in your payroll system.

Data cleansing - Hygiene

Budget management report 
This report allows companies to organise their key metrics based on org units (departments, cost centres, business units, etc.) and span of control. The visualisation rules highlight departments who are over or under budget, as well as employees that have a compa-ratio under 95% of the set benchmark. This chart can also show acting employees and vacant positions that exist now and in the future.


Budget Management

Diversity balance dashboard
Having all diversity metrics in one place allows you to effortlessly design a plan that aligns with your strategic goals. By displaying the demographic breakdown across various levels, these tools help HR ensure that their diversity targets are achieved and maintained, fostering an inclusive corporate culture.


Workforce Trends - Diversity KPIs (2) (1)

Navigo is focused on protecting our customers’ data and information. Our flagship product, org.manager, is hosted by Navigo on Microsoft Azure (NSW, Australia). Azure Data Centres are ISO27001, IRAP & APRA Data Centre certified and accompanied by Navigo ISO27001 certified processes. We maintain a range of cyber security credentials, policies and industry engagement.

“We’re no longer spending months building charts. The ease of just clicking a button and having an org chart ready to go is definitely our favourite feature.”

Megan Shields – A/Lead Workforce Planning | Bank of Queensland

A better solution, built for HR teams across sectors

Navigo’s data visualisation solutions help organisations to manage complex workforce data across various payroll and HRIS systems. It allows you to preserve and improve your data model throughout the transformation process.

Book a quick meeting to learn more about how we’ve worked with other HR teams to streamline their approach to workforce transformation.

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