Enabling HR in Local Government: Visualise Your Workforce

by | Jun 24, 2024 | Customer Stories, Org Charting

Effectively visualising HR data is vital in local government, from securely managing employee information to strategic workforce planning.

By leveraging modern tooling, HR can position themselves to streamline operations and to make more informed decisions that drive organisational success.

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Local Government leaders that have worked with Navigo to elevate their workforce management strategy.

Current challenges for local government HR teams

Local government organisations often face challenges like scattered data, accuracy issues and access / privacy concerns.

Here’s 3 common challenges faced by local government HR teams today:

Data fragmentation and quality: Most local government organisations have dirty HR data scattered across various payroll, HR systems and spreadsheets, making it hard to get a complete and accurate picture of their overall structure. If the data isn’t clean or easy to see in an org chart, it can affect resource allocation efforts and undermine HR’s effectiveness in creating a good workforce plan.

Change management: These organisations often undergo organisational changes due to shifting priorities, budget constraints or legislative reforms. With frequent restructuring / realignment of roles, local governments need proper strategies in place to protect productivity and employee engagement when these transformations occur.

Data security and privacy: It goes without saying that protecting sensitive HR data from unauthorised access or breaches is crucial for any organisation. Failure to address security and privacy risks leaves organisations open to legal liabilities and reputational damage.

How Navigo is helping HR in local government

Eliminate a long list of manual processes like maintaining an org chart & HR reports spreadsheets

Get an elevated view of the organisational structure so everyone can understand the hierarchy

Easy to gain high user adoption across the entire organisation

Over the last 20+ years, we’ve had a strong focus on supporting organisations who are undergoing digital transformation. We provide advanced org charts, workforce analytics and org design software, with an expert team who specialise in technical payroll and HRIS database systems.

We’ve worked with a long list of Australian local government HR teams to enable seamless payroll data cleansing, employee and position management, workforce modelling, compliance and reporting.

Our workforce visualisation software allows organisations to strategically analyse their current and future workforce needs, to ensure that they have the right people in the right roles at the right time.

For local governments, this means ensuring that they have the capacity and capability to deliver essential services and address community needs effectively. It involves understanding the skills required for various roles within the council and then aligning recruitment, training and development efforts to meet those needs.

Visualisation examples that are proven to enable local government HR teams

Data cleansing report
This report highlights missing fields and errors with the help of visualisation rules, enabling managers to correct bad data easily. While the vacancy list report (scroll to the right) helps you surface long term vacancies that need to be actioned (either to be deleted or resurfaced), as well as any critical positions that remain vacant.

Workforce modelling
Create a copy of your current org structure (the ‘now‘), so you can create multiple what-if scenarios (the ‘model‘) so you can design the optimal organisational plan. The ability to model the future state of the organisation and compare it to the current state is vital to help drive fact-based decisions and analysis to determine the most favourable course of action.

Workforce diversity – to ensure that you’re WGEA compliant
Having all diversity metrics in one place allows you to effortlessly design a plan that aligns with your strategic goals. You can even create ‘to be’ scenarios with easy drag-and-drop for fast visual review and approval. Plus, if you’re worried about closing the pay gap for your employees, a budget management report allows you to highlight any pay disparities, including all employees who are being paid below your set compa-ratio goals.

Navigo is focused on protecting our customers’ data and information. Our flagship product, org.manager, is hosted by Navigo on Microsoft Azure (NSW, Australia). Azure Data Centres are ISO27001, IRAP & APRA Data Centre certified and accompanied by Navigo ISO27001 certified processes. We maintain a range of cyber security credentials, policies and industry engagement.

“The Navigo team is always available for us and their guidance throughout was a big part of the success of the project. The communication from Day 1 was superb. The handover from introduction to implementation to support was seamless.”

Continuous Improvement Team, Wyndham City Council

A better solution, built for local government HR teams

Navigo’s data visualisation solutions help organisations to manage complex workforce data across various payroll and HRIS systems. It allows you to preserve and improve your data model throughout the transformation process.

Book a quick meeting to learn more about how we’ve worked with other local government HR teams to streamline their approach to workforce transformation.

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