Optimising Education HR reporting with advanced workforce analytics

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Manging HR in education can be complex. Navigo’s data visualisation tools like org.manager give HR teams insights and management capabilities to tackle unique challenges in the education sector.

Modelling Impact Dashboard

Education leader’s that have worked with Navigo to elevate their workforce management strategy

Current challenges for Education HR teams

Navigating the education HR landscape presents several pressing challenges:

Organisational Complexity: Schools and universities have intricate structures with many roles and responsibilities. Without a clear system, this complexity can lead to confusion and inefficiencies

Accurate data management: Keeping faculty and staff data accurate across various systems is hard, especially when you have to deal with outdated and incorrect information.

Strategic workforce planning: Adapting to changing educational demands and aligning workforce capabilities with future needs requires advanced planning tools that can help to create multiple workforce scenarios.

How Navigo is helping Education HR

Maintain accurate employee data for better decisions and compliance

Easily find and manage details of faculty, improving communication and efficiency.

Automate leave management to ensure smooth academic operations

Over the past 20+ years, we have focused on supporting educational institutions through digital transformation. We provide advanced org charts, workforce analytics and org design software, backed by an expert team specialising in technical payroll and HRIS database systems.

We have worked with a wide range of educational institutions, helping them streamline payroll, data cleansing, employee and position management, workforce modelling, compliance and reporting.

Our workforce visualisation software centralises important data from various sources into a single, unified system, ensuring you always have access to accurate and up-to-date information.

For educational HR teams, this means you can simplify many manual processes related to data visibility, org charting, reporting and workforce modelling. HR managers can see the big picture and make strategic decisions based on accurate, real-time information.

Visualisation examples that are proven to enable Education HR teams

Detailed organisational charts
Interactive org charts simplify management by clearly depicting the structure of educational institutions. They show the hierarchy and relationships among departments, making oversights and communication easier. This helps improve productivity, employee satisfaction, decision-making, communication and onboarding.

Org unit views - healthcare organisational structure

 Data cleansing

In today’s data-driven world, educational institutions rely heavily on accurate and up-to-date information to make informed decisions. However, maintaining clean and reliable workforce data can be challenging, especially with large volumes of employee information.

org.manager has the tools to cleanse data and visually represent its accuracy across systems. They highlight inconsistencies, duplicates and errors, allowing quick fixes and maintaining high data integrity. By using dedicated software, education HR teams can streamline payroll processes, improve decision-making and simplify workforce planning, ensuring that HR data is always readily available.

Data cleansing - Hygiene

Workforce modelling

Workforce modelling is great for educational institutions to plan for future workforce needs based on goals, trends and demographics. It involves analysing supply, demand and skill gaps, creating scenarios to help organisations make informed decisions. This process helps to maintain sustainable structures, allowing for proactive planning and ensures efficient resource allocation.

org.manager enables you to create multiple what-if scenarios by making a copy of the current org structure. This helps you to design organisational plans and compare them to the current state, driving fact-based decisions for the best possible outcome.

Workforce Modelling

We are focused on protecting our customers’ data and information. Our flagship product, org.manager, is hosted by Navigo on Microsoft Azure (NSW, Australia). Azure Data Centres are ISO27001, IRAP & APRA Data Centre certified and accompanied by Navigo ISO27001 certified processes. We maintain a range of cyber security credentials, policies and industry engagement.

“Although we can produce advanced reports internally, we will commission Navigo again because of the speed and simplicity of their service.”

Andrew Robb, Manager, OH&S and Information
The University of Western Sydney

A better solution, built for Education HR teams

Navigo’s data visualisation solutions are specifically designed to assist utilities in managing complex workforce data across diverse payroll and HRIS systems. This technology enables you to maintain and enhance your data model throughout the ongoing transformation process in the utilities industry.

Book a quick meeting to learn more about how we have helped other utilities HR teams optimise their workforce management strategies effectively.


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