Transforming Utilities HR by Visualising Data

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Effective workforce management is critical in the utilities sector. By leveraging advanced data visualisation tools, utility HR teams can transform existing data into actionable insights, facilitating quicker and more informed decision-making.

Organisational hierarchy

Utility leader’s that have worked with Navigo to elevate their workforce management strategy

Current challenges for Utilities HR teams

The utilities sector faces distinct challenges that demand HR leaders to navigate complex regulatory landscapes, promote inclusivity, manage an ageing workforce and keep pace with rapid technological advancements.

Regulatory compliance and safety: Compliance is crucial in this heavily regulated sector. It’s not only essential to avoid legal ramifications but also to maintain workplace safety, particularly for employees in hazardous conditions. HR teams must meticulously enforce comprehensive safety processes to protect the workforce’s health and well-being.

Diversity and inclusion: Despite efforts to promote diversity, the utilities industry remains predominantly male-dominated. HR teams face the challenge of implementing effective strategies to foster a more inclusive workplace and promote diversity across all levels of the organisation.

Workforce ageing and succession planning: An ageing workforce poses unique challenges for many utility companies. Strategic management of retirements and the transfer of knowledge to younger generations are essential. Effective succession planning ensures organisational continuity and prepares the next line of leaders.

Skill gaps and training needs: With the integration of advanced technologies such as smart grids and renewable energy solutions, new skill demands are rapidly emerging. HR must quickly develop and implement training programs to upskill employees, ensuring the workforce remains competent and competitive in an evolving industry.

How Navigo is helping HR in Utilities

Streamlined Compliance Management

Diversity and Inclusion Enhancement

Efficient Succession Planning

Skill Development and Training

Navigo has spent 20+ years in enhancing HR operations through digital transformation. We provide advanced organisational charts, workforce analytics and organisational design software, all backed by our expertise in technical payroll and HRIS database systems. Our tools are tailored to meet the unique needs of the utilities sector, helping HR teams to manage their diverse workforces effectively.

We’ve worked with numerous utilities companies across Australia and have developed solutions that streamline payroll data management, employee position management, workforce modelling and compliance reporting. Our workforce visualisation software integrates critical data from various sources into a single source of truth. This ensures that HR managers have access to accurate and current information, enabling informed decision-making. By automating a range of manual tasks, from org charting to detailed reporting, Navigo allows HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives, thereby increasing operational efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer Success Story: Australian utilities org chart project – delivered in just 6 weeks!

One of Australia’s major utilities companies worked with Navigo to transform their org design. The result? Their project went from demo to implementation in just 6 weeks, an exceptionally quick turn around for HR tech!

Our org design tool eliminated hours of manual work, connected the business with the payroll ‘source of truth’ and delivered a range of unexpected quick wins.

Read the full customer success story here.

Visualisation examples that are proven to enable Utilities HR teams

Compliance Dashboard
You can automate the tracking and management of compliance and safety protocols, significantly reducing manual effort and increasing accuracy. Navigo’s Compliance Dashboard instantly updates with new data, ensuring that the utilities sector always adhere to current regulations and safety standards.

Workforce Compliance

Diversity and Inclusion Reporting
By reporting on Diversity and Inclusion, utilities HR teams can effectively track their diversity KPIs and work towards a more balanced workforce. This helps HR teams pinpoint areas for improvement and launch targeted initiatives, enhancing workplace inclusivity.

Workforce Compliance

Succession Planning
Streamline succession planning by visualising potential career paths and identifying critical roles that need attention. This proactive approach helps ensure a seamless transition and knowledge transfer, preparing the organisation for future changes.

Company succession planning

Build Lists with an Employee Directory
Our people directory filter search enables you to build comprehensive lists based on any skill or certification. Everyone who has the required skill or qualification will be displayed in a list view which you can easily download with easy export functionality.

Employee Directory - basic search

We are focused on protecting our customers’ data and information. Our flagship product, org.manager, is hosted by Navigo on Microsoft Azure (NSW, Australia). Azure Data Centres are ISO27001, IRAP & APRA Data Centre certified and accompanied by Navigo ISO27001 certified processes. We maintain a range of cyber security credentials, policies and industry engagement.

“The Navigo team were extremely efficient and easy to work with. We found that org.manager was really good value considering the impact it has had on our organisation. Compared to other solutions, it’s priced very well.”

HR Digital Systems and Business Insights Manager, People and Capability

A better solution, built for Utilities HR teams

Navigo’s data visualisation solutions are specifically designed to assist utilities in managing complex workforce data across diverse payroll and HRIS systems. This technology enables you to maintain and enhance your data model throughout the ongoing transformation process in the utilities industry.

Book a quick meeting to learn more about how we have helped other utilities HR teams optimise their workforce management strategies effectively.


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