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Org Charting Best Practices

Written by Tom Wade

November 7, 2014

An org chart is an effective tool that gives a visual snapshot of a workforce’s structure and helps senior management make informed staffing decisions. However, creating an org chart manually is slow, error prone and requires valuable staff time that could be used for other duties. Automated org chart creation offers an efficient and welcome alternative to manual org chart creation and maintenance.

HumanConcepts Visualize, the next generation of OrgPlus Enterprise, is a HR data visualization solution from Navigo/ HumanConcepts. This efficient software offers automated org chart creation that utilizes a company’s exiting HR data to provide an accurate picture of the entire organisation from an easily accessible SaaS platform.

Below are some best practices for preparing an effective org chart:

  • Keep the future needs of the business in mind. Rather than limiting the structure of an org chart to current workforce conditions, create a flexible document that offers a picture of the entire workforce potential and can quickly address both current and future workforce changes.
  • Integrate relevant HR information into the org chart to improve the internal communications of the company.
  • Choose a layout that is easy to interpret and conveys information clearly. With the customisable views available in HumanConcepts Visualize, managers can also decide what data to share.
  • Create an org chart that is accessible online for easy integration with the company’s intranet, productivity applications and HR systems.
  • Don’t forget to set different security levels for users so HR managers can filter access to sensitive HR data.

Desirable Features in an org chart:

Since org charts illustrate the hierarchy of a business, the following features are a must in an org chart.

  • Automated org chart creation
  • Ability to customise views
  • Ability to smart search
  • Leadership potential analysis
  • Print and display options
  • Conditional formatting
  • View individual profiles
  • Various chart layout styles
  • Build succession plans
  • Mobile org chart
  • Security of information
  • HR data integration
  • Talent ratings



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