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UWS Saves Time with Intranet Org Charts

Written by Peter

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November 30, 2014

university-western-sydneyThe Customer

The University of Western Sydney (UWS) is a leading higher education provider with six campuses in greater Western Sydney, the region with the fastest-growing population in Australia. To keep up with demand,  UWS employs up to 3000 full-time and part-time staff, managed using Alesco HRIS.

The Challenge

To deliver organisation charts around UWS required manual publishing and distribution from HR.

UWS had an organisation charting tool – however it was desktop software, non-networked and controlled by HR. In the case of requests for an org chart, HR would have to manually respond to publish and distribute the chart.

Outside of HR, individuals would manually create org charts, a time consuming process that also resulted in problems with printing and readability.

Says Andrew Robb, Manager, Occupational Health, Safety & Information at UWS, “With a number of change proposals going at any time, there was just no point in doing these things manually.”

The Solution

To increase their efficiency, the university needed a server-based intelligent org charting solution.

OrgPlus Enterprise was the server-based solution of choice. “Its ability to deploy charts across the intranet was key,” says Andrew.

Navigo delivered OrgPlus Enterprise, and worked with UWS teams to configure the initial charts. The installation was a short process, and painless for HR.

By harnessing a server-based org charting solution, UWS was now able to deliver dynamic charts to the entire organisation across their intranet.

The Results

By harnessing a server-based org charting solution, UWS has saved time, cost and improved establishment management.

UWS now has many and varied org chart options available, from a simple ‘who’s-who’, through to charts displaying gender, demographic and age distribution roll-ups, length-of-service and budgeting information.

The best part? “The ability to deliver charts over the intranet without hands-on involvement from HR.”

Requests for org charts are now directed to the intranet, where charts are instantly available, always up-to date and ready to print as needed.

Sensitive information is restricted using OrgPlus Enterprise’s built-in security roles and rules.

In addition to the time and cost savings in HR, OrgPlus assists establishment management, by facilitating collaboration that keeps employee data up-to-date.

Since installing OrgPlus. UWS has worked with Navigo many times to create advanced charts, reports, and train users at on-site and public training sessions.

The potential of OrgPlus is ongoing: In the future Andrew plans to explore improved demographic views, or “traffic signal” views to allow quick appraisal of KPI’s.

Although UWS could produce these internally, Andrew will “probably just commission Navigo” because of the speed and simplicity of our service.


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