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Make Budgeting & Planning Visual (and less boring) with Org Charts

You already work with more than enough spreadsheets in your day-to-day activities. When it comes time to allocate budgets and plan out your workforce, why not make it easier on yourself (and maybe even a bit more exciting) by using some visual tools in the process?

Organisational charts have been utilised by businesses of all sizes for a very, very long time for showing basic hierarchies, so it’s understandably easy to forget that modern org charts can be a useful tool for more than just showing your company structure.

If you’re using org charting software like orginio or Planning@Work, your org charts are visualising data from your HRIS. That means that they have the information required to visualise:

  • Department changes
  • Personnel changes
  • Budget cuts
  • What-If scenarios
  • Workforce planning
  • Succession planning

Here’s 4 use cases that org charts can really help out with:

budget viewIdentifying high-earners within a department or organisation

Colour code your charts to show departments or personnel who are over their allocated budget. This allows you to see potential areas of concern at a glance, rather than having to manually create a report each time to determine over-budget areas.


succession planning

Predictive analytics to see what will happen when you implement your workforce restructures

Plan successors, work out who should go where during a restructure or simply see the effects on headcount and budgets at a glance. If you can visually see what will happen, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions.


leave liabilityBudget comparisons (both historical and by department)

View detailed budgets (including leave liabilities) side by side with other departments or compare to previous years. It’s much easier to understand where the key differences are when you can view the big picture.


GenericCommunication with the team

Restructures will make many of your staff nervous – potentially, nervous enough to leave. Use org charts to communicate where they’ll fit in the new picture, avoiding stress and ensuring everyone knows where to find key personnel. Most org charting solutions will allow you to lock down certain parts of the information, such as salary or contact details, so you can choose exactly how much or how little information to provide to the team.


If you’d like a more detailed look at how to create these views using Planning@Work, you can book a free online demo.


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