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Org Charts in 90 seconds [WEBINAR]

Written by Peter

Peter is Navigo's founder and Managing Director. Peter is passionate about building and running businesses, finding solutions to business process problems and new trends in HR Technology.

September 19, 2016

orgplus-flash-logo-copyHow long do you waste preparing org charts and hierarchy reports in your current role? A few hours per week? More?

What if we told you that you only need to create a chart ONCE, visualising all the data in your HRIS, and you could do it all in 90 seconds?


Join Zack “The Flash” Sabry as he breaks the world record speed for creating an org chart!

That’s right – we’ll be showing you how to create a detailed, comprehensive org chart using the data in your HRIS and OrgPlus in less than 90 seconds.

If your short on time, here’s a quick recap of Zack creating the chart.

Or if you want to watch the full webinar, look no further.

Whether you’re an experienced OrgPlus user or you’re new to the world of automated org charting, this is the webinar for you.


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