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10 HR Report Examples for Aussie Business Leaders

Written by Peter

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November 26, 2016

[2020 Update]

By popular demand, the top HR report examples article has been updated. We even added in some exciting new charts and included a free downloadable PDF just for you. Happy reading!

Votes are in, the top HR reports are..

#1 Company Directory
#2 Dashboards
#3 Budget
#4 Leave Liability
#5 Gender Equality

Want the rest? Download the full PDF for free!

Every large organisation needs insightful HR reports. According to our customers, visualising your people data into meaningful HR reports is the best process for maintaining and leveraging people data. Org charts are a great way to visualise these reports and can make a big impact on your business.

HR reports and dashboards are an important part of workforce management, these reports allow you to make informed decisions. So, first off – let’s define two key components of a good HR report:

  • Less is more, reports should be simplified and never need an explanation
  • Easy to digest and sourced directly from accurate data in your HR system

After working with hundreds of major organisations throughout Australia, we have found the best way to maintain a useful and accurate report is by visualising the data in an org chart. Here are the top HR report examples in the form of org charts that will make a big impact in your organisation, based on feedback from key players in HR.


Company Directory

It’s the simplest chart, but it’s also the one most organisations can’t live without. It allows you to visualise company structure and see where you fit in the chain of command. It’s a useful tool for newcomers to understand the organisation better and for senior managers looking to restructure.  

HR report examples



HR dashboards are perfect for providing relevant high-level overview of your people data, for an individual department or across the entire organisation. Fully customisable, HR dashboards have the capacity to summarise and compare any metric in your HRIS including full-time employees, span of control, demographics, salary budget and much more.
 Top org charts - dashboard


Having a budgeting report is crucial for hiring, promoting or reviewing salaries of employees. Visualising your budget can take the pain out of reviewing reports for multiple departments. With conditional formatting, you can easily highlight departments who are over or under budget for better decision making for staffing, recruitment and more. 

Top org charts -budget


Leave Liability

Quickly find all those employees who have accrued too much leave at a glance. Great for reducing your leave liability, but also great for making sure your employees are giving themselves enough rest and time off! Using conditional formatting, you can highlight outliers to make it easier for managers to see who needs to take leave.

Top org charts - leave


Gender Equality

See the gender or age diversity of your organisation, department by department or team by team. Gender charts highlight the number of male and female employees in each department and across the organisation. It also helps highlight whether gender ratios are being met in your company. Now a mandatory reporting requirement in Australia, these charts will help you with your recruitment and cultural strategies.

Top org charts - gender

Want the full list? Download our free PDF here to learn more about the following org charts:

Top Org Charts Download

1. Company Directory
2. Dashboards
3. Budget
4. Acting and Substantive
5. Gender and Age Diversity
6. Succession Plan
7. Leave Liability
8. Span of Control
9. Restructures
10. Vacancies
11. Bonus chart

Watch our top HR report examples webinar

Still want more? Watch our recent webinar demonstrating how HR tech solutions automate painful manual reporting via org charts. Learn how to produce visual reports that are easy to share and will ‘wow’ the senior leadership team.

Learn how to automate your HR reports

Want to find out what’s involved with creating each of these HR report examples? Speak to a friendly consultant or set up some quick start org charts in our 14 day free trial of orginio.



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