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Org chart as a tool for quick assessment of HR key metrics

Written by Navigo Admin

June 25, 2017

Previously, we shared with you the 7 must have org charts used by business leaders. This is a great starting point for any business to really push the humble org chart.

Now I wanted to look at the other tools that are available to all users of Planning@Work that can enhance your analytic power in creating org charts.

 #1 Use mini charts for key metrics

Once you have your formulas created, you are able to present it a few different ways.


These Mini Charts let you simply, at a glance, get the information you need to. Whether it’s to know the gender diversity of the organisation or compare your FTE to actual headcount. Mini Charts add another layer onto visualizing your HRIS data.

 #2 Filters to focus on different employment types

A feature that not many people would know about is the filters, these can be used to in a few different ways, but as we are focusing on analytics we will stay in the charts. When you apply a filter to the chart, it will remove the boxes that meet the condition. This means they will be removed from formulas and even not appear on the chart when published.

These filters can be used in a range of different scenarios, like removing your contractors, view specific cost centers or find out how many are in a work site.

 #3 Use hot spots in boxes to enable information discovery

Information can be stored in hot spots – definable areas on a chart box that highlight information on hover over.

This can be helpful in keeping the main boxes just with the high level details needed and then allow users to access more information by clicking on the fields.

For example, on our standard budget chart we are able to show just the budget remaining in the boxes and then a breakdown of total salary of employees and the budget for the department.

We also have a free 14-day org chart trial, so you can set up quick start org charts and learn about them first hand.

With these hidden secrets, you will be able to enhance your charts and impress everyone in your company. If you would like to talk with one of our consultants to find out how it can be put in to action in your charts, you can get in contact with us.



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