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[Webinar] 8 Secrets to a Pain-Free Restructure Using Workforce Modelling

Written by Lee Kennedy

Lee, Navigo's Marketing Manager, is passionate about solving operational and strategic HR issues. She is actively exploring creative ways for organisations to visualise and free their HRIS data.

November 8, 2018

Is the thought of managing a complex workforce restructure giving you stress induced nausea? Generally the hardest part is figuring out where to start.

In the ever-changing business world, workforce restructures are becoming more and more frequent for enterprise organisations. Some triggers for organisational change can include – mergers, business acquisitions, a decrease in performance or simply to stay relevant. Regardless of the situation, the restructure process is a complicated beast.

HR plays an important role in this process, generally due to the critical nature of the plan creation. It is vital that the restructure is designed and implemented carefully and delicately, effectively managing any issues that may arise.

Watch our restructure webinar to learn how to take the pain out of the restructure process and create instant and accurate future state scenarios. See how the latest in HR technology can eliminate time consuming manual tasks and help you to effortlessly design and manage workforce restructures.

Andrew Rees, Navigo’s workforce modelling expert, shares his secrets to simplifying your restructure road map. Andrew has worked with hundreds of major organisations throughout Australia and New Zealand to streamline their restructuring processes with workforce modelling tools.

Restructure webinar:

Still in the planning stages of designing your restructure? Check out our PDF step-by-step guide 7 steps to planning a successful restructure.


We asked how our participants have managed their restructures in the past..

33% used PowerPoint or Visio
33% used Excel
11% used a workforce modelling tool
11% are yet to manage one
6% did it by hand
6% said other

If you have any additional questions relating to workforce modelling, the Navigo team would be happy to help.

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