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Top org charts for Aussie Companies

Written by Lee Kennedy

Lee, Navigo's Head of Marketing, is passionate about solving operational and strategic HR issues. She is actively exploring the most efficient ways for organisations to visualise and model their workforce.

June 5, 2019

[Webinar] See the top org charts chosen by major Aussie organisations

Watch as we demonstrate how HR tech solutions automate painful manual reporting. Learn how to produce visual reports that are easy to share and will ‘wow’ the senior leadership team.

First off, we define what makes a good HR report. Less is more, reports should be simplified and never need an explanation. The most important priorities are ensuring that your reports that are easy to digest and sourced directly from accurate data in your HR system.

According to our customers, automating the visualisation of your HR data into meaningful HR reports is the best process for delivering and maintaining your people data.

Top org charts & HR reports covered in this webinar:

  • Company directory
  • HR dashboard
  • Budgeting
  • Acting-in / substantive
  • Gender / Age Diversity
  • Succession
  • Leave liability
  • Span of control
  • Restructures
  • Sunburst


Your Host

Andrew - Staff Photo

Andrew Rees
General Manager of Navigo and Author of the 6th HR Tech Survey

With over 12 years’ experience in the HR industry, Andrew has worked with major organisations throughout the APAC region to deliver successful HR technology solutions.



Are your current reports manual or automated?

Manual: 60%
Automated: 33%
Not sure: 7%

n= 15

Does your organisation pay attention to your current HR reports?

Yes: 67%
No: 20%
Not sure: 13%



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