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Understanding org.manager for SuccessFactors Org Charts

Written by Lee Kennedy

Lee, Navigo's Head of Marketing, is passionate about solving operational and strategic HR issues. She is actively exploring creative ways for organisations to visualise and free their HRIS data.

August 22, 2019

Have you been finding that the inbuilt org charts in SAP SuccessFactors lack the functionality you need? Watch our 30 minute webinar to take a virtual tour of the many features & benefits of org charting in SuccessFactors. Learn the difference between the SuccessFactors standard org charts and the extended functionality available in org.manager for SuccessFactors.


Benefits of org.manager

See how org.manager for SuccessFactors offers a new lens to view people data, helping you to better understand your organisation. Break free of the standard employee to employee org structure – view by Role, Business Unit, Division, or Department. Source ideas for how org charts can help improve your business relating to new employees, management, operations, org departments, HR control and the HR department.


Points covered in this webinar:

  • The different use cases for org charts
  • SuccessFactors standard org charts
  • Overview of org charts in org.manager
  • Security & permissions
  • Chart examples
  • Tracking HR analytics & KPIs
  • Conditional formatting
  • Restructures & future state scenarios
  • Expanded print & search

Watch the full webinar:

Understanding SuccessFactors Org Charts from Navigo on Vimeo.


Learn more about your host:

Andrew - Staff Photo

Andrew Rees
General Manager of Navigo and Author of the 7th Australian HR Tech Survey

With over 12 years’ experience in the HR industry, Andrew has worked with major organisations throughout the APAC region to deliver successful HR technology solutions.


Webinar poll results:

What is your current situation relating to SAP SuccessFactors?

Currently using: 64%
Implementing: 18%
Thinking about purchasing: 23%


Where are you in terms of org charting & workforce modelling? (multiple choice)

Happy with our processes & platforms: 0%
Interested in ways to improve: 48%
Beginning the journey internally & externally to understand: 45%


Still have additional questions about org.manager for SuccessFactors? Book a demo or call our org design advisor expert on +61 3 9879 4060.


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