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Customer Success Story – CITIC Pacific Mining

Written by Lee Kennedy

Lee, Navigo's Head of Marketing, is passionate about solving operational and strategic HR issues. She is actively exploring the most efficient ways for organisations to visualise and model their workforce.

October 16, 2019


As the size of CITIC Pacific Mining’s workforce began to grow, the HR team saw the need for automation to manage its growing organisation chart. Before 2009, CPM was updating its org chart manually in Visio.

In 2009, CPM explored several options, finally coming across Navigo. Their org charting solutions could lift the bar for data maintenance governance practices, help with HR data cleansing and eliminate many manual administrative processes. Navigo solutions also provided instant access to org charts across the entire organisation, including the creation of multiple custom charts.

After implementing Navigo org charts, the HR team could easily design workforce restructures and could share information in org charts swiftly across the organisation.

The Organisation

CITIC Pacific Mining (CPM) manages the fully integrated, pit-to-port magnetite mining, processing and export mega-project in the Pilbara. CPM is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hong Kong listed company CITIC Limited, which is headquartered in Perth.

Goals and Requirements

  • Cleanse HRIS data
  • Better HR data governance
  • Automate time consuming admin tasks
  • Find a better way to communicate across the organisation
  • Instant access to an accurate, up-to-date org chart
  • Find a system that can scale with the business

The Challenge

Up to 2009 CPM manually maintained their org chart (primarily printing it out in Visio). CPM’s wish list to improve their system included:

  • Clear visual representation of employees and their positions
  • Ability to print clear org charts
  • User-friendly with an intuitive interface
  • Ability to export information to PowerPoint and PDF
  • Modelling capabilities
  • Australia-based support
  • Swift implementation period
  • Previous local implementations with a user community

The growth of the business called for a new org chart solution that would introduce automation and a better governance process for data maintenance.

The Solution

As the project team began the selection process, CPM heard about Navigo from industry peers who liked their HR tech. This motivated the project team to further investigate the org chart provider.

CPM wanted a tool to revolutionise the way the organisation structure was communicated across the business, allowing multiple users to easily access the org chart. After many discussions and demonstrations with Navigo, CPM commenced implementation with Navigo in 2009.

Navigo provided onsite training and were quick to get everything set up and ready for roll out across the organisation. This rollout enabled a data cleansing process, as all departments could view and communicate updates that would accurately reflect the current structure. CPM could now be confident that the data was mirroring what was actually in place across the organisation.

“The team at Navigo were wonderful in creating a set of charts to get us started. Once the charts were live and training was completed, I was confidently able to style all charts and also create new views to meet the needs of the evolving business. The Navigo support team are very approachable, efficient and knowledgeable – definitely a great help as we learned how to navigate and make use of the new system’s full functionality.”

Colleen Farrell – HR Systems Analyst, CITIC Pacific Mining


Key Uses

  • To automate time consuming processes: Providing a system that will enable ongoing changes to existing systems to reflect changes within the business.
  • To ensure an accurate source of truth: Providing an easily accessible source of HR data ensures all workforce planning is based on up-to-date information.
  • Creating better visibility across the entire organisation:
    • Roster view – employees are now able to easily view what crews are aligned for each day.
    • Leave chart – team leaders, supervisors and managers are able to easily identify leave liability to better visualise staff availability; the chart also provides individual users access to their own information (via restricted visibility rules).
    • Conditional formatting – relevant metrics are able to be highlighted with colour (e.g. when an employee is onsite/offsite or has a week on/week off).
  • Excel export: This function enables data to be downloaded that can be used to provide various information for different groups, a basis for bulk change management requests and a useful audit tool for HR.
  • To create future state scenarios: Modelling restructure scenarios in the org charts has enabled effective restructure proposals to take place. Senior managers remain on top of the approvals and CPM are saved significant resources by using the modelling tool to ensure implementation of changes will be done right the first time.
  • To view vacancies: Mapping vacancies without org charts could be a labour-intensive process. The Navigo system has enabled the CPM HR team to effectively map vacancies and provided the capability of swiftly exporting position data.
  • Better data control: The HR team has better control over the org chart information with the ability to freeze changes, freeze access and hide charts as required, for example during times of bulk change processing.
  • Org charts that are able to reflect complex reporting structures: Conditional formatting allows the business to represent complex reporting lines.
  • Secure data management: The secure storing and sharing of HR data reduces security risks.

“Modelling restructure scenarios in an org chart has enabled change management proposals to more accurately reflect projected outcomes. This has made the approvals process and the administration of changes far more efficient and reliable.”

Colleen Farrell – HR Systems Analyst, CITIC Pacific Mining

Navigo org charts have enabled staff to work autonomously, allowing them to create their own reports and manage their own data. This tool has become indispensable for forward planning.


Online org charts have improved CPM’s data management, staff autonomy and their ability to share information and changes across the organisation.

“Navigo have helped us to be proactive with providing different org charts to the business. The reporting tool (which downloads org chart data to excel) has enabled individuals across the business to be more independent and less reliant on HR for providing reports.”

Colleen Farrell – HR Systems Analyst, CITIC Pacific Mining

Colleen Farrell, HR Systems Analyst is happy with the result: “Our experience with Navigo org charts has consistently run smoothly for over 10 years now, it is so integrated into our day-to-day running of the business that it has become part of the furniture.”

To learn more about how an org charting solution can help your organisation, drop us a message or call +61 3 9879 4060 today.

We also have a free 14-day org chart trial, so you can set up quick start org charts and learn about them first hand.


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