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OrgPlus Enterprise Masterclass

Written by Prajna Shettigar

Prajna, Navigo's Marketing Specialist, is passionate about HR Technology and all things digital. She is always looking for creative solutions to help organisations turn their HR data into meaningful information.

February 14, 2020

OrgPlus Enterprise

Did you know OrgPlus Enterprise allows you to customise org charts using images, colors and more? This masterclass is a good starting point for your OrgPlus journey, as well as a great refresher for those who are already familiar with the platform. The following webinar focuses on OrgPlus Enterprise Modeler and we’ve also shared some tips on how to set up your very own org chart.


Points covered in this webinar:

  • Build new charts
  • Highlight Key Information such as Box Fill Colors, Images, Groups
  • Create conditional formulas e.g. Counts, Percentages, Hierarchical level
  • Use panels to display information
  • Develop your chart portfolio
  • Modules available in OrgPlus Enterprise


Watch the full OrgPlus Enterprise masterclass:

OrgPlus Enterprise Masterclass from Navigo on Vimeo.


Learn more about your hosts:

Andrew - Staff Photo

Andrew Rees
General Manager of Navigo and Author of the 7th Australian HR Tech Survey

With over 12 years’ experience in the HR industry, Andrew has worked with major organisations throughout the APAC region to deliver successful HR technology solutions.

Alberto - Staff Photo

Alberto Prieto
Senior Consultant of Navigo

Alberto’s been part of the Navigo team for 10+ years and is our resident org chart expert. He is the support guru for over 100 companies in the APAC region.


Webinar poll results:

How many people in your organisation use OrgPlus Enterprise? 

1 : 0%
2-5 : 10%
5-10 : 10%
10+ : 80%

What are your main uses of OrgPlus Enterprise? (Multiple Choice)

Workforce Visualisation: 90%
Workforce Modelling: 50%
Data cleansing: 20%
Corporate directory: 30%
Reports for management: 30%
Succession Planning: 0%

Any additional questions about OrgPlus Enterprise? Contact Andrew at or book a free consultation for any queries you might have.


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