Gold Class Implementations: Customer Success at Navigo

Written by Prajna Shettigar

Prajna, Navigo's Marketing Manager, is passionate about HR Technology and all things digital. She is always looking for creative solutions to help organisations turn their HR data into meaningful information.

November 17, 2022

Our secret weapon at Navigo are our data expert consultants and highly experienced project managers. These department leaders have collectively been with Navigo for over 30 years and have overseen hundreds of successful implementations.

The Navigo team is dedicated to:

– Owning the delivery of a successful implementation with big impacts (i.e. you’ll get what we promise and more)
– Customised implementations, so the solution perfectly suits your requirements
– Fast delivery with minimal resources required

Navigo’s implementation process is efficient and hassle free. With our proven track record of successful implementations, our customers don’t need to worry about a thing. Let’s find out more about our customer success and implementation powerhouses. 

Meet the experts

From first introductions to continued support long after implementation, we’re a hands-on partner who will work closely with you to ensure that you can do your job better. All our implementations are led by Navigo’s Head of Customer Success and an experienced Technical Consultant, who will be there throughout the process to ensure your business gets the most out of our platforms.


Michelle Clancy – Head of Customer Success
Michelle has more than 15 years experience working with customers across a range of industries, this includes 10 years with Navigo and its sister company HROnboard. Having completed over 200 HR software implementations, Michelle is a highly experienced project manager. A strong customer advocate, Michelle’s experience and skillset deliver high quality outcomes to Navigo customers.


Alberto Prieto – Senior Technical Consultant
With over 12 years at Navigo, Alberto is our veteran Senior Technical Consultant. Alberto’s highly skilled technical expertise (which includes HRIS database management, PL/SQL and TSQL coding, Oracle and Microsoft BI) allows him to support customers that require HRIS/Payroll integration. In addition, Alberto is an experienced trouble shooter, implementer, working on-site and remotely across diverse locations.


Simone Ware – Senior Implementation Manager
Simone has more than 13 years experience assisting many businesses to streamline their processes with the use of SaaS products. Specialising as a Business Analyst/Consultant/Product Lead in the HR Tech space, she’s spent 5 years with Navigo and HROnboard as a Senior Customer Success Consultant. Simone is an experienced project manager, delivering implementations for businesses in various industries.


Varun Kalia – Technical Consultant
Varun has over 8 years experience working in IT and has been with Navigo for just over 3 years. He has always demonstrated a high ability to resolve complex technical and support issues efficiently. He has a great rapport with our customers and a proven track record in ensuring the continued success of our customer base.

Dom Coleman

Dom Coleman – Graduate Technical Consultant
Dom is our newest addition to the Navigo team as a Graduate Technical Consultant. He brings a fresh perspective and enthusiasm to his role, eager to dive into the world of HR technology implementations. He’s a quick learner and keen to contribute alongside our experienced team who deliver top-notch solutions for our customers.

With 20+ years’ of successful projects, we’re best known for having Australia’s most reliable HR tech consulting team. Learn more about what it’s like to work with our awesome team here.

What makes us different?

  • We’re a team of experts – We’ve consistently delivered the best org charting solutions across Australia and New Zealand for over 20 years
  • Incredible go-live stories – Over 200 successful projects delivered on time in the last 5 years
  • Our customers love our products – We have a long list of customers who have stuck with us for 10+ years
  • Hands on partner – We’re an agile team that is flexible to work with, we enable teams to move quickly and to deliver their project on time
  • Helping you to do your job better – We provide practical solutions with meaningful long-term impacts

Our implementation process

The Navigo implementation process consists of 6 key steps –

Gold Class Implementations

Why our org design implementations are unique


  • Our org design tools can be configured without any coding – Whatever is decided today can easily be adjusted or re-configured at any time
  • Our tools can connect to multiple data sources – Merge information based on a unique identifier such as an email address or employee ID
  • Display any information that is provided by your source of truth – i.e. your payroll system or HRIS
  • We can calculate nearly any KPI – With powerful calculation and data manipulation abilities in our org design platforms (provided the core information is available)
  • Access a wide range of org charts based on your needs – This can range from a simple org chart for the intranet, a more detailed org chart for management or a complex view with additional data just for HR

What would my charts look like?

Here are some examples from Navigo’s existing projects – the chart types, colours and branding can be completely customised and configured to your needs. The screenshots below are a good indication of what you can expect from one of our popular org design tools, org.manager.

1. Hierarchy charts


2. Leave management chart


3. HR Dashboard


4. Diversity chart


We hope you were able to get a glimpse of what it would be like to work with us. If you’ve got more questions, please feel free to get in touch with us.



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