Cutting-edge org charts built for healthcare: Australian case study 

Written by Prajna Shettigar

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May 21, 2024


Learn how a Queensland based not-for-profit health provider with 9,000+ employees, stayed ahead of the curve using cutting-edge workforce visualisation solutions to create the best-in-class healthcare organisational structure. 

Their HR team have always been very proactive, providing their organisation with live, integrated org charts for the last 12 years. More recently, their head of HR teamed up with Navigo to spearhead an upgrade project to implement org.manager, Australia’s leading workforce analytics and org design software. 

With over 4,500 logins in the first month, this project was a hit across the entire organisation – providing self-serve access to the most secure and powerful org charts and HR reports in the market.

Upgrading to a better solution

This healthcare organisation’s HR systems team is well-known for being very focused on business improvement. They always want to be sure that they’re using the best fit HR solutions and therefore decided it was time to upgrade their org charts after many years of using OrgPlus Enterprise.

After a long history of working with Navigo, their HR team consulted our Head of Customer Success, Michelle Clancy, to help assess what options might be suitable. After some deliberation, they decided to go with org.manager, as it was a scalable solution that provided a more strategic view of their workforce, a modern look and feel and improved data security.

For a team with such mature HR processes already in place, investing in org.manager was a no-brainer!

Feature Favourites:

  • Everyone gets a elevated view of the organisational structure, helping them to better understand the hierarchy 
  • Employee photos makes it easier to learn who’s who, especially for an organisation with 9,000+ employees
  • Elimination of manual data refreshes with automated updates 
  • State-of-the-art chart look and feel

The implementation process

Navigo has been working with this healthcare organisation for over 12 years, which made for a highly successful journey upgrading to org.manager. There was a great feedback loop and regular catch up meetings with the teams which helped speed things up.

“We were very happy with the overall implementation process. Navigo’s tech team is so easy to work with and they made the transition into org.manager extremely smooth.”

HR Systems Manager

The results

Once the organisation went live with org.manager, the initial feedback was very positive. With a record-breaking 4,500 logins in the first month, we could instantly see that this project was making a huge impact across the entire organisation.

Phase 1 – Healthcare organisational structure: Workforce perspectives 

Employee chart

Better visibility of the organisation structure with employee photos

Hierarchy with photos - healthcare organisational structure
Manager chart
Provides managers with the ability to access establishment type data more easily. They don’t need to rely on HR anymore and can use this chart to see information such as vacant positions and metrics around that which was not readily available before org.manager.
Workforce Reporting -Healthcare organisation charts
Org Unit chart

Allows the HR team to see any changes made to org units and review it regularly. This chart also enables them to access org unit numbers and metrics that drive downstream systems and processes.

Org unit views - healthcare organisational structure

“Our managers are able to self-serve and have easy access to employee information they didn’t have before. Being able to see vacant positions is now helping them make strategic hiring and training decisions more effectively.”

HR System Administrator

What’s next?

With three healthcare organisational structure charts already in place, their HR systems team now have a clear roadmap to create more useful perspectives to add to their portfolio. Each chart we create will unlock a new strategic focus for the business, allowing their team to cut down on reporting and will encourage more agile decision-making.

What makes them a great organisation to work with is their strong focus on thinking differently and operational excellence. With their custom healthcare organisational structure charts out in the wild, they’re in an even better position to meet overall business objectives.

Plus, they now have the option to future-proof their business if they decide to access org.manager’s workforce modelling capabilities.

Are you in healthcare looking to improve how you view and manage your workforce? Navigo has 20+ years’ experience working with many amazing HR teams to implement successful workforce solutions.

Book a demo today to see how we can help you elevate the way you work.


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