Agile team management for elevated planning & analysis

Create alternative structures to see a cross functional view of your organisation.

Agile team management charts

Access new ways of looking at your workforce, so you can effectively organise your diverse skills and resources around a common goal. This helps to create better autonomy across teams, improving creativity and problem solving.

Here’s four examples of agile team management charts that show an alternative perspective to traditional hierarchies:

Big data perspectives

The sunburst & bubble charts are ideal to manage multiple uses on one screen. Quickly drill up and down many layers of data for quick and easy workforce analysis.

Agile team management
Bubble map

Spotify structure

This chart perspective is ideal for demonstrating agile structures so you can better leverage talent.

Spotify structure
Geographical analysis

The geographical analysis perspective is ideal for understanding how your workforce is distributed. It also provides visibility over important metrics that may affect the current or future health of your workforce.

Geographical Analysis

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