Speed up your HRIS data cleansing project

Clean HR data creates a foundation for seamless payroll, workforce insights & effortless org design

Data cleansing
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Data-driven analysis

Leverage clean data to draw insights about your workforce

Design the future state

Use an accurate org chart as a base to design workforce change
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Cut time drainers

No more workarounds or manual admin for your org chart or payroll

Start using your HR data

Incorrect data can paralyse the value of a HR system beyond simple payroll transactions. Clean data allows your HR & org design teams to bring more effective planning & strategy into their day to day.

Restore trust in your single source of truth
Automate your recurring workforce reporting
With accurate data, you can design future workforce plans

New systems or migrations

Don’t repeat problems of the past, to ensure you don’t compromise the effectiveness of your new system – it’s good practice to clean your data before any migration.

Take only accurate data into your new system
Introduce mandatory data cleansing practices moving forward
Timesheet systems actually work with correct occupancy data

Data cleansing solved

We have 20+ years’ experience running data cleanse projects for hundreds of major organisations. We can provide you with the tools you need to run a seamless data cleanse, or if you’re time poor – we can do it for you.

Access a real-time data cleansing report to action errors
Fix occupancy issues for employees in temporary roles
Remove duplicates & legacy records when they move
Data cleansing support

Feature favourites

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Broken data analysis

Access a easy to use report that flags orphans, duplicates & errors

Crowdsourced cleanse

Assign responsibility of data cleansing to team leaders


Instant feedback loop

Make data visible across your org so employees can flag errors 

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Data cleansing

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data cleanse webinar

Webinar: Data cleansing – whip your data into shape & keep it that way

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We have been continuously impressed at how easy it has been to engage with Navigo. Their team went above and beyond to improve the solution’s capabilities and our roadmap.

Adele Nairn, Senior Project Manager

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