Org charts for effective workforce management

Instantly generate custom org charts that will have big impacts for your business.

Why is it important to have live org charts?



It shows how everyone’s connected
An always up-to-date org directory allows everyone to see who’s who in the zoo. It also provides secure, self-serve access to important personnel info.

one place

You can see all your data in one place
Integrate payroll, finance and other important data into one tool, creating a single source of truth. Visualise up-to-date information in an engaging format.


Improved transparency & comms
Securely share a clear map of your current hierarchy, as well as future plans, performance against benchmarks, vacancies & career paths.

What our customers have to say

Ambulance Victoria

“Navigo charts are very easy-to-use and have wowed our entire team. We love using the interactive visualisation rules to highlight KPIs, this allows us to action any that aren’t being met.”

Maria Soo, A/Lead Workforce Planning, Ambulance Victoria

Not your average org charts

As HR is managing an enormous amount of workforce data, our org charts are game changer as they can display complex structures and provide essential information that can be understood at a glance.

Completely automate your org charting process by linking live data from your source of truth, leaving you with powerful workforce visuals.

org chart

Employee & position management

Highlight who’s permanent or contingent, plus get clarity over important metrics like staffing levels, span of control, demographics & vacancies.

Surface important information with visualisation rules, helping you to make more data-informed decisions.

Workforce chart

Close the gaps in your workforce

See the gender or age diversity balance at the organisational, department or team level. The example below highlights the % of male and female employees in each department and across an organisation.

Highlight whether or not gender ratios are being met in your company. Now a mandatory reporting requirement in Australia, these charts will help you with your recruitment and culture strategy.

org.manager - gender chart

Real-time budget reporting

Having a budgeting report is crucial for hiring, promoting or reviewing salaries of employees. Visualising your budget can take the pain out of reviewing reports for multiple departments.

With conditional formatting, you can easily highlight departments who are over or under budget for better decision making for staffing, recruitment and more.

org.manager - budget

Visualise important workforce metrics

Quickly identify areas of your business with the greatest liabilities. Using conditional formatting and visualisation rules, you can surface any outliers to make it easier for managers to take the necessary actions.

The leave liability chart example below shows you which departments have employees with too much leave.

Leave chart

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