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Succession Planning

Simplify succession planning for your organisation

Don't know where to start?

Designing and maintaining a succession plan in spreadsheets and PowerPoint can be very counterproductive. Traditionally these plans exist with limited ownership, resulting in a costly process that is time-heavy, difficult to implement and immediately out of date.
Without an accurate, detailed and easily accessed succession plan, organisations are vulnerable to debilitating leadership gaps, high replacement costs and lost opportunities.

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Succession Planning

Bring your succession plan to life

Succession planning, integrated with a workforce modelling tool, accurately organises succession data into a visual plan that can be easily shared across your organisation.


The process of identifying successors is simplified by using advanced search, 9-box grids and live data relating to readiness, tenure, education level and talent metrics.


Allow bench strength to be automatically updated and instantly accessible. Reduce friction by allowing managers to effortlessly access and update their relevant succession plans.


Want to learn more? Watch our webinar highlighting how to use succession planning to meet your strategic objectives.


Succession planning benefits

  • Identify top performers & protect key positions

  • Counter the cost & complexity of sourcing external staff

  • Visually engaging & fast to update

  • Improve employee retention with leadership development

  • Easy to enact - instant access a process that is easy to implement

Succession plan modelling

  • Create plans using drag & drop functionality

  • Staging area available to build your list of potential successors

  • Identify successor candidates based on metrics (readiness, tenure, education level & talent metrics)

  • Customise readiness metrics relevant to your business

  • Calculate & display bench strength

  • Control view & edit rights for each department’s plan

  • Conditional formatting to identify gaps, risk areas & pending retirements


Want to build a succession plan? See succession org charts in action.