Local Council Org Charts: Hutt City Council Success Story

Written by Lee Kennedy

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January 31, 2019

Task: Create a flexible HR dashboard for Hutt City Council

New Zealand’s Hutt City Council identified that they needed a solution that could combine all of their extensive HR information into one system. Their team turned to org.manager to visualise the contact details of its 450 employees, as well as displaying org charts and floor plans in one HR dashboard. The advantages: transparency, flexibility and user-friendliness.

The Organisation

Hutt City Council is located in the Wellington Region of New Zealand and serves a community of more than 100,000 people.

Goals and Requirements

  • To visualise their HRIS data in an org chart
  • To combine other HR information with their org chart
  • To use data from Active Directory
  • To get a clear HR data overview
  • To save time: allowing for quick location of personnel information

The Challenge

Hutt City Council wanted to publish organisational charts based on their data from Active Directory. The current employee directory data and floor plan layout were key functionalities that needed to be kept. The challenge was to combine all of this data in one system, while also displaying the organisational chart. A trial version was deployed and a proof of concept was completed before final install.

The Solution

org.manager combined all of the information in one clear HR dashboard which users can access via the Council’s intranet.

The key advantage: All information is in one place and is always up-to-date. The quick search takes the user directly to the employee in the organisational chart. The web based server output contains multiple user-friendly views.

Hutt City Council

Example: In the detail view – contact information for job title, department, email, phone number, as well as photo detail are shown. Furthermore, the user may send directly a message to colleagues from this view. In the Org Chart View and Tree View the employee location via floor plan is displayed.

The use of org.manager has streamlined and simplified the collation and display of this important HR data. the Council is already planning to expand its dashboard incorporating further data sources to feed additional information, such as roles. This is important since this data is not available in the Active Directory. The HR dashboard for Hutt City Council will continue to grow step by step – there are no limits for the design, layout or content.

Rob van Endt, CIO at Hutt City Council, is looking forward to the result:

“The org.manager solution has quickly provided us with a user-friendly single source of truth for contact details, floor plan and organisational chart details. the combination of Active Directory and floor plan data was straightforward. In future we plan to benefit even more from org.manager’s flexibility to expand the dashboard even further.”

For more information about org.manager, book a demo or call +61 3 9879 4060.


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