HR reporting for data-driven workforce decisions

Track how your workforce operates, how much it’s costing you & how it’s changing over time

Unlock insights from HR data you already have

Connect multiple sources & display information in a useful way

More time for value-adding tasks

Eliminate manual work to focus on more fruitful projects

See your org with micro & macro perspectives

Quickly drill up & down multiple layers of people analytics

Real-time HR reporting & analytics

Introduce easy & secure access (with role based restrictions) to automated, and always up-to-date HR analytics charts. This will ensure that all leaders are consistently reporting from the same pool of data.

With a real-time workforce analysis report always being visible across the organisation, liabilities and issues will always be top of mind and more likely to be actioned quickly. 

HR analytics chart

Management reports & dashboards

Everything you need to know about your workforce in one place. HR dashboards provide a roll up summary of meaningful analytics, at both the company wide & team-by-team level.

Automate ad hoc reporting by consolidating your list of workforce spreadsheets into one real-time dashboard, allowing leaders can get a sense of operational health at a glance.

HR Analytics Dashboard

Workforce benchmark & KPI reporting

No one knows your business like you. Once you know what you want to track, we provide HR reporting tools that make reporting and analysis much easier. Display important KPIs in context against the relevant benchmarks, using easy-to-understand charts that anyone can draw useful insights from.

Use interactive visualisation rules to show/hide or highlight information, helping you to identify any risks or opportunities within your workforce.

org.manager advanced chart - sunburst

Workforce compliance & governance reporting

Visualise all your compliance matters in an org chart to ensure that your workforce is up-to-date with legislative &
regulatory requirements.

Create visibility over compliance requirements (whether it be training, certification, checks, immunisations or qualifications). By surfacing anything that hasn’t been provided or is out-of-date, issues are much more likely to get resolved quickly.

Here’s an example of a covid vaccination dashboard in org.manager:


Track vaccination status

Navigo have helped us to be proactive with providing different charts for the business, before the business knew they wanted it. Their HR reporting software has made the business more independent and less reliant on HR for providing ad hoc reports.

Colleen Farrell, HR Systems Analyst, Citic Pacific Mining

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