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Automated org charts

Your HR or payroll system already has useful data, automatically turn it into professional org charts.


Access or share anywhere

Securely share org charts, KPI results & competency metrics across your org in an easy-to-digest format.


Multiple chart views

 Choose from a variety of org chart perspectives & gain useful workforce insights at a glance.

Scale your business

Fast & easy upgrades, ensuring your tools scale seamlessly when your business grows. 

"OrgPlus Desktop has been a lifesaver in preparing for a large organisational redesign. The product was so useful, we tripled our investment into it!"

Carl Blunck - Principal Workforce Analytics & Solutions Specialist, People & Culture

Why is OrgPlus better than Powerpoint, Visio or Excel?

Automate painful admin with charts that update based on HR data from your source of truth
Create an up-to-date corporate directory for new starters to quickly learn ‘who is who’
Run efficient data cleansing & workforce analysis projects (quickly identify skill gaps, orphans, vacancies & duplicate records)
Maintain an accurate organisational structure chart that is easy to export & share
Track, visualise & share KPIs & employee competency


Bring your data to life with photos, logos, colours & highlight data that needs to be actioned with conditional formatting

What our customers love about their charts

Secure hosting on your local computer, your data will never leave your machine
Brand charts with custom colours, fonts & logo to create professional charts your team will love
Connect your HRIS, database, flat file, spreadsheet or almost any data source
Unlimited customisation of data fields so we can highlight data that is relevant to you
Set automatic HRIS data refreshes, so your data is always up-to-date
Maintain a full audit trail of all changes made (who & when) for better data compliance


“We are delighted with our OrgPlus upgrade experience with Navigo, which was seamless from end to end. We have not experienced a single issue since the cutover, testament to the robustness of the product and quality of implementation planning and execution.”

Adele Nairn - Senior Project Manager

Tailored solutions for custom requirements

In addition to providing org charting software, we offer a variety of additional services including:

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