Org design software for fast & easy workforce modelling

Take a snapshot of your workforce and easily design new structures with advanced drag-and-drop.

Create multiple workforce scenarios

The workforce modelling function in our org design software allows you to model your future workforce in a sandbox environment. Take snapshots of your existing structure, so you can have your team collaborate on multiple ‘future state’ proposals at once.

– Drag-and-drop any object without affecting your source of truth data
– Quickly navigate through your org chart at a high level
– Drill down into detail in a few simple clicks

org design software

Position impacts

See the real-time impacts of all your changes in an easy-to-understand org chart view. Use visualisation rules highlight important information while creating your proposals.

org design software

Summary & comparison dashboards

Org design software dashboards show a high level view of your current vs proposed state, at both the company wide or department perspective. Review the impacts of each future state proposal at a glance.


Quick export & easy write back

Access an audit log of all changes for easy write back (or automatic MDF writeback for SuccessFactors). Track all changes in a comparison report, making it much easier to roll out the changes and update your payroll system.


Plan a merger or acquisition

Use a side-by-side chart view to see multiple departments or different organisations at once.

Drag-and-drop employees from one screen to another, or quickly switch between perspectives to make more informed decisions (including job family, establishment or employee views).

Split screen

“Modelling workforce scenarios using org design software has enabled restructure proposals to be more professional and accurate. This has resulted in the approval process and administering the changes to be substantially more efficient.”

Colleen Farrell – HR Systems Analyst, Citic Pacific Mining

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