Test drive workforce modelling for yourself

See how our advanced workforce modelling platform, org.manager, will change the way you work.

Here’s some key features that our users love:

    • No more manual org charting: Forget drawing hundreds of boxes in PowerPoint and Visio. Your charts will be automatically created so you can get started on workforce modelling right away.
    • Create multiple workforce scenarios: Take snapshots of your existing structure, so you can have your team collaborate on multiple ‘future state’ proposals at once.
    • Position impacts: See the real-time impacts of all your changes in an easy-to-understand org chart view.
    • Summary & comparison dashboards: Org design software dashboards show a high level view of your current vs proposed state, at both the company wide or department perspective.
    • Plan a merger or acquisition: Use a side-by-side chart view to see multiple departments or different organisations at once.
    • Quick export & easy write back: Track all changes in a comparison report, making it much easier to roll out the changes and update your payroll system.


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