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Why use OrgPlus over PowerPoint, Visio or Excel?

Automate painful admin

With charts that update based on HR data from your source of truth.

Secure local hosting

Data never leaves your machine. Connect your HRIS, database, flat file or CSV from any source.

Workforce analysis, at a glance

Quickly identify skill gaps, budget issues, leave liability, diversity imbalance & dirty data.

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“This program is so easy to use. Once you upload the data into the program, out comes your organisational chart which you can customise to your liking.”

Carmen Yu, HR Advisor

Automated org charts

Your HR or payroll system has useful data, OrgPlus can automatically turn it into professional org charts. Share an accurate corporate directory so your employees can see who’s who in the zoo.

SAP Gold Partner Status - Dashboards

Multiple chart views

Choose from a variety of org chart perspectives and gain useful workforce insights at a glance. Use chart rules to highlight problem areas to action.

Access or share anywhere

Securely share org charts, KPI results and competency metrics across your org in an easy-to-digest format. Set a recurring HR data refresh so your data is always up to date.

SAP Gold Partner Status - Dashboards
SAP Gold Partner Status - Dashboards

Tailored support for you

We offer a range of custom additional services to help support you on your org charting journey.

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