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Advanced, real-time workforce modelling | Create data-driven workforce plans with expert restructure tools 

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Save time & energy

You’d be amazed how efficiently an org design project can run

Make informed decisions

With impacts readily visible, make data-driven decisions

Become change ready

Be in a position to quickly plan & respond to any future change

Rethink your workforce

Whether you have a staff of 500 or 50,000, organisations are constantly having to adapt their teams. Restructure tools help by speeding up the process & by supporting leaders to make data-driven decisions.

Start planning from an accurate, as-is view of the org
Simulate unlimited ‘what if’ workforce proposals
Action your plan with comparison logs & tracked changes
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Plan a merger or acquisition

In growth or downsizing, to securely share & collaborate on ‘future state’ workforce proposals is more complex than it seems. Using dedicated tool can make the design, review & approval process a breeze.

View 2 teams, departments or companies side-by-side
Switch between job family view & employee view
Drag-&-drop from one group to another, store roles in the sandbox

Instant insights on hand

Unlocking insights from people data is a difficult task. By visualising data in useful charts – anyone can make informed decisions. It’s also valuable to test how each change affects business strategy & KPIs.
Build strategy using visualisation rules, filters & big data views
Model to-be scenarios based on headcount, budget, etc
See the impact of every change against finance & rollup metrics
SAP Gold Partner Status - Dashboards
SAP Gold Partner Status - Dashboards

Org design as the new norm

Like it or not, most org structures quickly lose relevance. To thrive through unstable market conditions or major internal shifts – best have restructure tools that allow you to quickly respond.

Be ready to build a workforce plan at the drop of a hat
Check the health of any team with real-time dashboards
Identify top talent so you can better protect it

How will a restructure tool help?

Complete & accurate org view

Use a full picture of your workforce as a base for modelling

Effortless design & planning

Drag, drop & change your ‘what if’ scenarios in an easy-to-use tool

See the impacts

See the immediate impact of any change against important KPIs

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Modelling restructure scenarios in an org chart has enabled restructure proposals to be more professional and accurate. This has resulted in the approval process and administering the changes to be substantially more efficient.

Colleen Farrell – HR Systems Analyst, Citic Pacific Mining

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