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Restructures and Mergers

Workforce modeling for managing organisational change

Trying to model a workforce change?

Time, effort and resources are often wasted manually trying create restructures using Visio, Excel or PowerPoint. Charts and underlying data immediately become out of date, as well as changes being extremely difficult to track and manage.


Do you maintain and share sensitive payroll data via email, Excel and PowerPoint? This can potentially leave your company exposed to major security risks.

Workforce modeling

“Modeling restructure scenarios in an org chart has enabled restructure proposals to be more professional and accurate. This has resulted in the approval process and administering the changes to be substantially more efficient.”

Colleen Farrell, HR Systems Analyst, Citic Pacific Mining

Eliminate manual org redesign

Collaborate with your restructure team in a live view of your organisation and easily manipulate it via drag and drop. Use instant analytics and KPI tracking to create workforce scenarios. Share, review and publish detailed reports for Board approval.
Want to learn more? Watch our webinar outlining 8 secrets to a pain-free restructure using workforce modeling.



  • Use job architecture view to see every role, employee & associated metrics

  • Highlight cost savings, workforce reductions & succession plans

  • Get the full picture - combine data from your HRIS, LMS, Talent Metrics, Payroll & CSV files


Plan & model

  • Drag & drop functionality to create, track & compare multiple 'what if' scenarios based on live data

  • Speed up the approval process, provide stakeholders secure access to collaborate on plans

  • See the flow on effect of each workforce change relating to budget, span of control & headcount

Present, compare & archive

  • Compare scenarios against original data with all changes & gaps highlighted

  • Compare future models visually or in a spreadsheet, allowing for simplified tracking & HRIS write back

  • Fast and easy sharing via PowerPoint & PDF

  • Use the archive function to take a daily snapshot of your data

  • Review & compare snapshots against historical archives at any time

Archive Image


Want to see the future of workforce modeling in action?