Workforce analytics tools for data-driven decisions

Track how your workforce operates, how much it’s costing you & how it’s changing over time


Unlock HR data you already have

Connect many sources & display the information in a useful way

Understand the gap

Between where you are now & where you need to be

Micro & macro perspectives

Quickly drill up & down multiple layers of people analytics

Real-time workforce analysis

Automated, always up-to-date workforce reports that can be easily & securely accessed by teams & leaders.


Ensures leaders report from the same pool of data

Secure access to sensitive data (user-based permissions)

Publicly visible issues = improved time to action

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Sunburst dashboard

Quick access KPIs

No one knows your business like you. Once you know what you want, we can provide the workforce analytics tools to help. Display important KPIs in context & skip the analytics degree.

Highlight problem areas & find where to quickly ‘trim the fat’
Find departments with the highest liability (leave, budget, etc)
Choose visualisation rules & filters relevant to you

Useful HR dashboards

Everything you need to know about your workforce in one place. HR dashboards provide a roll up summary of meaningful HR metrics, at both the company wide & team-by-team levels.
Consolidate & automate existing analytics reports
Get a sense of each team’s operational health at a glance
Ongoing workforce assessment, readily available
Workforce analytics

Why do only 25% of organisations use real-time HR analytics for decision making? 3 reasons – either the organisation has the data but doesn’t have a useful tool to understand it, the leaders prefer to lean on ‘gut feel’ or it’s all too hard.

Ethel Nugent, Org Design/Workforce Analytics Consultant

What do workforce analytics tools do best?

Visualise complex data structures in an intuitive way
Implement, automate & present key workforce metrics
Build repeatable processes to automate & share views securely

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Navigo have helped us to be proactive with providing different charts for the business, before the business knew they wanted it. The reporting tool has made the business more independent and less reliant on HR for providing reports.

Colleen Farrell, HR Systems Analyst, Citic Pacific Mining

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