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How to Build an Awesome HRIS Business Case

Written by Lee Kennedy

Lee, Navigo's Head of Marketing, is passionate about solving operational and strategic HR issues. She is actively exploring the most efficient ways for organisations to visualise and model their workforce.

November 14, 2019

Building a HRIS business case [Webinar]

What’s your strategy when planning a new HRIS implementation project? A HRIS business case is a critical component of building your credibility and the credibility of your project within your organisation.

See the benefits of seeking advice from a platform agnostic source, bypassing shiny object syndrome (definition: you or your decision makers getting fixated on a solution that appears to be great, but in reality – might not be the right fit).

Learn the preferred planning models to building a winning HRIS business case, tested and proven by an expert HR consultant. Sarah from moore@work will detail her strategy, based on years’ of helping major Australian organisations manage digital HR strategy, HR tech implementations & HRIS change. We also have a free downloadable template to get you started. Click here to access the template.

Points covered in this webinar:

  • Why you need a business case
  • Building a business case (with examples)
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Influencing the C-Suite
  • Collaboration & organisational context
  • What to avoid
  • Managing rejection when it’s out of your control

Watch the full webinar:

How to Build an Awesome HRIS Business Case from Navigo on Vimeo.


Learn more about your hosts:

Sarah Moore

Sarah Moore
Co-Founder of moore@work

With 25 years’ global experience as a HR professional, Sarah specialises in Digital HR Strategy, project management, technology implementations and change management.

Andrew - Staff Photo

Andrew Rees
General Manager of Navigo and Author of the 7th Australian HR Tech Survey

With over 12 years’ experience in the HR industry, Andrew has worked with major organisations throughout the APAC region to deliver successful HR technology solutions.


Webinar poll results:

What are the main roadblocks you have faced during a HRIS business case project? (multi choice)

Funding: 42%
Stakeholder engagement: 33%
IT: 0%
Vendors: 17%
Resources: 33%
Management approval: 25%
Other: 8%
None: 25%


Have you ever had a business case rejected?

Yes: 17%
No: 50%
It’s still pending: 33%


At what stage of your HRIS business case are you currently?

Research: 17%
Planning: 25%
Mid development: 25%
Post win: 0%
Post rejection: 0%
Haven’t started: 33%


Building a HRIS business case is a complex project. Our team would be happy to provide support to help you along your journey. Feel free to get in contact with Andrew at or Sarah at with any questions you might have.



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