How to effectively track vaccination compliance in your organisation

by | Feb 28, 2022 | Workforce Analytics

What is a vaccination compliance dashboard and why is it important?

A vaccination compliance dashboard typically provides real-time information on various aspects of vaccination efforts, such as:

  • Vaccination rates: The percentage of individuals who have received one or more doses of a particular vaccine.
  • Compliance with vaccination schedules: Tracking whether individuals have received all required doses of a vaccine within the recommended timeframe.
  • Demographic breakdown: Analysing vaccination rates among different demographic groups, such as age, gender, ethnicity or geographic location.
  • Geographic distribution: Mapping vaccination rates across different regions or communities.
  • Compliance with vaccination mandates or regulations: Ensuring that individuals and organisations adhere to vaccination requirements set by public health authorities, employers or other governing bodies.

Overall, vaccination compliance dashboards play a crucial role in helping stakeholders make informed decisions, identify areas for improvement and track progress towards achieving vaccination goals, particularly during public health emergencies such as pandemics. 

While this article is particularly focused on vaccination compliance dashboards, you can learn more about general workforce compliance reporting here

Use case: COVID-19 vaccination compliance dashboard

With COVID vaccine rollouts and plans for everyone to return back to the office, it’s important to be on top of health & safety measures for your employees. One new process that’s particularly challenging at this time is the ability to quickly and easily track vaccination status of your employees (ideally with real-time visibility). 

According to PwC’s recent survey, 52% of CEOs said that they are extremely concerned about the threat of pandemics. Two-thirds of executives are in favour of a vaccine mandate as a condition of returning to the office in-person.

The best way to present and interpret large amounts of data is to visualise it in charts or dashboards. Having vaccination insights on hand allows business leaders to make informed decisions around staffing needs and workforce planning.

An effective vaccination tracking system should be able to monitor vaccination status in real time, setting up an alert system for the HR team if someone is overdue for their first, second or third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Using a dashboard tool allows you to feed live data from your spreadsheet, HR or payroll system into one place, displaying important metrics in a format that users can easily understand. This saves your HR team hours in terms of administration effort, and also reduces the chance of human error or reminders falling through the cracks. 

COVID-19 vaccination compliance dashboard example

vaccination compliance

This vaccination compliance dashboard tracks vaccination status, vaccination type, whether or not employees have had their vaccination certificate sighted, plus a report that counts down when employees are due for their next dose – highlighting anyone who’s overdue.

The great thing about these dashboards is that they can be completely customised and can be used to track all kinds of metrics, not just vaccines. 

How to gather information for a vaccination compliance dashboard

Many companies simply use Google forms to gather all the data they need related to their employees vaccination history. You can download the results in a CSV file and import it into your HRIS or a dashboard tool such as org.manager. With the latter, the report can be automatically generated for you.

What questions should I ask to track vaccination compliance?

01. Essential employee information:

  • Unique employee ID
  • Full name
  • Questions around the following: Yes/No responses
  • Are you fully vaccinated
  • Are you partially vaccinated
  • Are you booked for a vaccine
  • Are you planning to get vaccinated
  • Do you have a medical exemption certificate

02. Date and type of vaccination

03. That vaccination status has been sighted by their manager and/or vaccination certificate has been uploaded to the system

Since this information is sensitive, assure your employees that it’s confidential and the information is only to confirm vaccination status in accordance with the public health order and to manage risk of contraction in the workplace.

How can I get a vaccination compliance dashboard setup for my organisation?

If you’re interested in learning more about our solutions, check out our website or get in touch with our friendly team. We can set up a quick call to run you through what it would look like for your organisation to track vaccination status in a vaccination compliance dashboard.


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