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HR Tech News February 2016

Welcome to this month’s update on HR Technology news from Australia, New Zealand and abroad.

Parse is moving on, Oracle promotes mobile cloud service

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Parse, the hosting platform popular for creating and testing apps, is winding down over the course of this year.

Parse was an established hosting platform with tested resolve for enterprise solutions. Parse had the history that made it popular. It had grown beyond the flare of startup products, giving devs the reassurance the platform could take any load of traffic.

Oracle farewelled the platform in a blog post, and took it as an opportunity to promote their own mobile hosting service as an alternative. Oracle are making a big call insinuating they can fill Parse’s shoes.

Ramco is expanding into Australia

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Indian enterprise software provider, Ramco, is expanding its brand of human capital management into Australia.

Ramco is an enterprise scale HRIS similar to Oracle or SAP, but is a cloud product instead of a legacy system.

Ramco’s CEO, Virender Aggarwal, says this is an advantage as Ramco is quicker to deploy and cheaper to maintain.

The Global Talent Competitiveness Index has been published

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The GTCI is a partnership between the Human Capital Leadership Institute, INSEAD and Adecco Group to measure the talent competitiveness of 109 national economies.

The third edition of the GTCI has a particular focus on talent attraction and international mobility. The insights look at how an organisation can stay competitive on the global talent market by recruiting internationally and operating in virtual teams.

One chapter offers in-depth analysis of the South-East Asian talent community. Australian HR experts can use data in the index to support an expansion into the South-East Asian talent marketplace.

Atlassian enter their first quarter as a publically listed company

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The Australian enterprise collaboration tool maker delivered its first report after becoming a publically listed company in mid-December.

Atlassian was able to beat all targets and forecasts for the quarter, reporting higher revenue compared to the previous year.

Josh Bersin on the strength of using analytics

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Workday released their latest video in their series with Josh Bersin. This entry looks at how data can be used to make decisions that go against common sense but make a positive payoff.

Some long-held assumptions and gut instincts are wrong is the business world, and data can be used to act out of these cognitive biases.

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