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HRIS Dirty Data. Is your HRIS in need of a clean-up? [WEBINAR]

By / October 19, 2017 / , , , / 1 Comment

Navigo’s resident Data Visualisation Specialist Billy Arrigo recently shared his expertise in using visualisation and org charting techniques to quickly identify common dirty data. Your HRIS is the source of truth for your company. It’s critical that employee data is accurate. Without attention, your Position, Occupant Data and Reporting Lines become out of date. Over […]

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Org chart as a tool for quick assessment of HR key metrics

By / June 25, 2017 / / 0 Comments

Previously, we shared with you the 7 must have org charts used by business leaders. This is a great starting point for any business to really push the humble org chart. Now I wanted to look at the other tools that are available to all users of Planning@Work that can enhance your analytic power in […]

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3 Ways To Expose Secrets In Your Chart [WEBINAR]

By / March 20, 2017 / / 0 Comments

Are your org charts hiding secrets? Can you see your dirty data? What if we told you that important organisational trends might be hiding in your charts?   Join our resident org charting gurus Grant, Zack and Billy as they use visual clues to expose your charts hidden secrets. Watch our webinar where we show […]

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3 changes your Org Chart needs

By / February 22, 2017 / , / 0 Comments

Your org chart is the most effective way to display your organisation. Learn how you can make workforce visualisation even better with these quick tips you can use to breathe new life into your org charts right now.

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Learn how you can get analytics from your Org Chart [WEBINAR]

By / February 14, 2017 / / 0 Comments

It’s been a number of years now since Human Resources professionals started leveraging the power of technology and the analytical opportunities that come from it. Today, a number of tools and platforms exist that enable businesses to use data to improve engagement drivers, manage KPIs, and plan for the future. It’s become routine for HR professionals […]

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The 5th Annual Australian HR Tech Survey is now closed!

By / June 24, 2015 / , / 0 Comments

The Australian HR Technology Survey has officially closed. This year, we looked at the local HR Technology landscape – specifically solutions used, satisfaction, expenditure and future trends. By having your say, you’ve contributed your intelligence about the Australian marketplace to the upcoming Annual HR Tech Report 2015. Thanks for your input! Remember, everyone who completed the survey goes […]

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WEBINAR: Corporate Restructures #2 – The Power of Org Charts

By / June 4, 2015 / , / 1 Comment

  Our last Webinar featured the tips and tricks to successful corporate restructures. Part 2 features our live how-to guide that shows how powerful org charting software can be used to take restructuring from headache to piece of cake! Join Grant Cumming as he takes you through a step-by-step guide to restructures using the org charting tool, Planning@Work. […]

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Webinar: How does fatigue impact Australian organisations?

By / May 27, 2015 / , / 0 Comments

A lack of sleep is a major contributing factor to workplace fatigue. A new Navigo Research study looking at Fatigue in the Australian workplace revels that 65% of Australian businesses believe that their employees are more fatigued or overworked than in previous years.   Download the survey results here.

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5 Biggest Mistakes in HR

By / May 26, 2015 / , / 0 Comments

There are 5 commonly repeated mistakes made by HR departments on an almost daily basis. These mistakes cost businesses precious time and resources, however can be easily resolved with a review of current procedures. Better yet, solving these mistakes will free up your time so you can add value to your business, instead of making […]

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