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Australia’s Top 5 HRIS (2020)

Who are the top 5? 5th Place SAP 4th Place Fusion5 3rd Place Ascender 2nd Place ELMO 1st Place ichris/Chris21   Top 5 HRIS It’s a good question. Investing in a human resources information system (HRIS) to be the source of truth for all HR data, could run into millions of dollars depending on the […]

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Australia’s Top HRIS (2019)

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Choosing a Human resources management systems (HRIS) is a complex project to say the least. Due to popular demand, the annual HRIS review is back to help you decide! Navigo has now been independently running the HR Tech Survey for over 10 years to help the HR community plan, justify and execute HR tech projects. […]

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New Year, New Me! Begin Your 2019 Payroll & HR Data Cleanse Project!

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Hopefully everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Years! Now that we have some January downtime, it’s the perfect opportunity to check if our departments are still aligned to meet our business objectives. Below are three org charting projects that set you up to begin the year fresh. Learn how to visualise and correct any […]

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The Number 1 HRIS in Australia Goes to… (2018)

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Wait! We have an updated version of this blog. Check out Australia’s Top HRIS (2019).   Human resources management systems (HRIS) are a huge investment. The decision making around changing your HRIS involves serious research and consideration. After all, your HRIS is the source of truth for all HR data and often includes payroll. Since […]

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Follow up on Australian payroll complexity

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In October 2013 NGA Human Resources released their Payroll Complexity report looking at the 10 countries with the most complex payroll. At the time I wrote that I was surprised Australia did not make the list. Just before the end of 2013 I had a regular vendor briefing with NGA Human Resources. In addition to getting an […]

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How Complex is Australian Payroll?

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NorthgateArinso (internationally now known as NGA Human Resources) recently released their Payroll Complexity Index, outlining the 10 most complex countries from a Payroll perspective. Australia was not one of them. The countries with the most overall payroll complexity are: France Italy Germany The Netherlands Belgium India United States Luxembourg Spain New Zealand How was the list determined? 723 […]

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Vendor Profile – PeoplesHR

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This is our second post in our vendor profile series focusing on HR Technology vendors who service the Australian market allowing them to talk about their products and what’s coming up. Disclaimer: Navigo Research works with many different vendors across the Australian marketplace – we also provide our own frank opinions. This is NOT a […]

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Webinar: Top Tips to Improve HR/Payroll Operations

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Twenty years of consulting experience has taught us some valuable lessons about HR/Payroll operations.  We thought we should share them, because let’s face it, everyone wants to know how they can save time and money. Click here to Register for our Webinar Tuesday, 7th May 12 – 12:45pm AEST Presented by Peter Forbes, MD at Navigo During […]

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Vendor Profile – Frontier Software – Chris21

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This is our first post in our vendor profile series which focuses on HR Vendors in the Australian market to talk about their products, what’s coming up and our point of view.

Disclaimer: Navigo works and partners with many of the Australian HR/Payroll vendors – this doesn’t stop us from being frank in our opinions. This IS NOT a paid advertorial!

I caught up with Frontier Software’s Australian General Manager Nick Southcombe to discuss where they are taking their flagship product, Chris21.

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On-demand Webinar – Re-inventing HR Payroll Practises using Enterprise Wikis

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Most of today’s HR/Payroll operations are still in the 90’s with operating processes and know-how either written on paper, in a document on a shared drive, or worse, stuck in your “soon to be retired” Payroll Operators’ head. This operational model is the cause of processing errors, inconsistency and business continuity risks. With the emergence […]

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